“RLL” began play in 2017 with two teams known as the Richmond Blue Jays and affiliated themselves with SVLL for both scheduling and travel purposes… (All Blue Jays games were played at King George Park, which boded well for the grassroots program).

While it began as an offspring of our “Just Play Ball” program - in which many of the kids wanted to stay together and try actual organized ball – it’s now going to take on a whole new dimension due to both ridiculous responses from the other local association along with the City’s assertion that they build a much more “compelling story” in order to get further help in providing an actual BASEBALL diamond in the area.

While that makes things a lot more challenging, it makes them a great deal more interesting as well.

Please visit us www.richmondlittleleague.ca for further details or contact info@richmondbaseball.ca in regards to participating or volunteering to help out.

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