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Power Ranking - Richmond Baseball Players

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Players 45+

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1Cory Carpenter

Players 30-44

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W.A.T.S. UP!?

World According To Serj

“Why the HECK are you building your own website”?, they asked!!......“Because I wanted to”??? (Is what I keep wanting to say!!).

But the truth is, with my inability to “just retire already” or bring myself to move onto other things unrelated to a game I really love, it became painfully clear to me that I needed to find a better and more efficient way to communicate not only things I had going on in my current baseball world, but in the other entities described under the “Affiliated Partners” section.

In one way or another, they all became intertwined eventually. Be it through Richmond Baseball trying to reach it’s own goals, or any of the affiliated partners helping others try to reach theirs.

So hopefully, until I reach the day that I decide to pack it in – or run away to scared of failure or derision - you’ll drop in from time to time to see the “W.A.T.S”

Thanks for your interest in “Richmond Baseball”!!


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Baseball Quotes

Love the player for who they are, not for what they can do for you. Kids see through the coach whose only concern is for himself

— Gordie Gillespie

Inspirational Thoughts

You must do the things you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt