5. "How did you get to coach with a BC Minor team down in Phoenix for Spring Training after getting shut down for the 2017 Provincials while being rostered?"

I guess the other 11 teams in the Phoenix tournament weren’t aware – or scared poopless - of my ability to make such a HUGE difference to the end results!!.....It’s just taken for granted, that they made the right decision that day, because if they hadn’t of, Kamloops would have kicked their ass two games straight….Lol.

Kidding aside, everyone knows this venture down here is something we (Sean Wandler, Tom K, etc) started long ago while I was still with BC Minor and the Midget Chair and it just keeps being built on now that they think it’s “their idea”. Which, of course, is the key to get anything done there….. (After our first year, we were asked to remove any mention of it off the website for reasons still unknown. But as it’s being run independently of their programs, we’re going to try to take it to another level again with the help of “guys that get it” and are willing to put out the effort down here in Phoenix).

Photo 2018-04-03, 10 56 03 AM

4. "Who’s idea was it for RCBA to mock the Richmond Blue Jay kids in the 2017 Steveston Parade?"

Funny you should ask, as on the Steveston parade application, RLL had asked to be as far away as possible from “any other diamond sport organizations”…. RCBA then ended up two positions behind us, until they apparently “begged” their way into moving up right in front of us so the kids could follow their “Scoreboard” for the day.... Something I was prepared to address at the time, but the RLL parents asked me to "just let it go".

To your question then…..Given that it was well thought out, and well presented, I’d probably say it was an “Executive decision” in my opinion. Some of the kids, parents, and many RCBA Members thought that it was in pretty poor taste – bordering on a form of “bullying” actually on a day that was to be celebrating differences and acceptance - but I convinced them it was directed at me and nobody else and for them to ignore it.

Irony to it all, is we had lined up a couple exhibition games with their Mosquito teams early on for May Long Weekend and they got shut down by the same executive….. It’s why I wanted to mention that morning that “You actually have to take to the ball diamond to score ONE run, let alone 150”!!!... But the Richmond Blue Jay parents suggested I just “turn the other cheek”… Was probably pretty wise choice……at least for that day!...Lol.

Photo 2017-07-01, 11 08 07 AM
Photo 2017-07-01, 9 30 34 AM

3. "Why does RCBA use justplayball.ca when most people know TDC started the Just Play Ball program?"

Again, I’m not sure…. Perhaps they didn’t know we were running that program across town and had been selling T-Shirts prior to that in order to help fund the named program…. Regardless, we’re “flattered” that they once again followed in TDC’s footsteps as they have many times before…(Including accepting the NAME that a couple of us set aside years before they became “Richmond City Baseball”…..Only wish that they had a much "better record" at developing players for the long term than has been shown....If you take real close look at the "outcomes" they portray, they haven't really progressed in that regard regardless of celebrating the fact they are now playing "College Prep"....That's a whole other "question" to address one day!!

Photo 2016-09-18, 8 57 56 PM
Photo 2016-09-18, 8 57 56 PM (1)

2. "How does RCBA get to have recycled bags as signs all over the City and others asked to pick theirs up?"

LOL…You mean, “How do they get to put 7 signs around the park that Richmond Little League is calling their Home Diamond”?.... I don’t really know or care, but I think it’s GREAT for the sport of baseball to be promoted in any way, shape or form… No objection from me, but others – including the neighbours in the area – obviously found it a bit concerning.

Looks like one of the legacies for the current RCBA Executive is ALL the sports groups now need to apply to the City and fill out forms for every small sign they want to post up for registration….. It’s pretty ridiculous but that’s the way it goes, I guess.

I do LOVE it though, that they went and plastered a ton around a park they’ve never really had in interest in promoting the game until now…… Gives me “incentive”, for sure.

Photo 2018-03-18, 1 41 52 PM

1. "Do you think it’s funny that RCBA didn’t want to go into the Richmond Oval when you were trying to promote the usage of it way back in the early years of the Oval?"

Hey, like I’ve said countless times already…. They’re not real good at being willing to step up and do things on their own when presented…… And, when you take a look at what they ended up with a Blundell for an “Indoor Batting Cage Facility” – compared to say what someone like Kamloops Minor Baseball Association” did - you can see why that’s probably for the best as far as taxpayers $’s go…… NOTE: Last I heard, they still have “an Indoor Training Facility” on their wish list….. Pretty good chance I’d be dead against seeing that happen….. Oval had a chance to “get it right” – and missed - so not quite sure why they’d get taxpayer $’s to try again when someone else in the City has already “nailed it” according the hundreds that have come to use it.
Just saying....Lol.

“Next Question?”


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