Having been an avid baseball fan my entire life, I began attending Cactus League Spring Training games about 40 years ago.

But in 2012, after paying an $1,800 bill for a one week stay in a very basice hotel room, I had finally had enough of spending countless $$$’s on accommodation… So before leaving for home, I set out to buy a small condo… Problem was, EVERYTHING seemed like such a bargain, so we ended up putting deposits on 6 of them!!.... (5 weren’t even going to be built until 2014, so I thought “what the heck, surely my FRIENDS IN BASEBALL would want a few"??…. Fully refundable deposits and all…Why not??).

“Why not?”, is because we ended up buying all of them.!!
Looking on the bright side though, is over the years we’ve been able to use them as “fundraisers” for different charities that have asked for help, reward those that help with various projects we look to support as sponsors or volunteers, charitable events we get involved with, etc, etc.

While the website for those particular units is still under construction, if you’d like to know more about the property overall, check out www.toscanacondorentals.com

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