"TDC" was founded back in 2008-2009 when Douglas College Baseball required some funding to stay in the NWAAC after a complete coaching change took place. “Richmond Chuckers” founder, Josh Ridgway, came knocking on the door one day to see if there was any way I could help out. Having already spent approx. $130,000 in 2004 on Jay Longpre’s Victoria Royals effort, I said I would only do so if we registered a “Not-For-Profit Society that could save me from myself when it came to things “all things baseball”. With the group formed shortly thereafter, we took on the challenge of trying to rebuild the program and did so over the next 3 years before Josh moved on to other things.

Luckily, Douglas College was able to bring in Cav Whitely as both a Prof and Head Coach and is in great hands today. TDC then began to direct it’s attention to many other efforts that are well documented on it’s website.

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