So You Or Somebody You Know Wants To “Play Better Baseball”?

The short easy answer, would be to check back from time to time and hit the "Development Sessions" link provided below. That will give you any known sessions being offered in Richmond by either one of the most sought after Baseball Instructors in the Lower Mainland - Jack Thompson of 5 Tool Baseball - or through Baseball B.C. Either way, if the info isn’t current, just fill out the Contact Form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you asap as program info comes available.

5 TOOL Development Sessions

But in my humble opinion, I think you first need to decide what that really means to you or your child regardless of age.

Is it playing better tomorrow than you are today as an individual?.......Is it playing in a better team environment than you are today?..... Or perhaps it’s having the opportunity to play at a higher level of baseball than presently being offered in your area or association?

With all of those, I believe it really comes down to one thing. All the technical books, and training apparatus aside, I believe you need to connect yourself with people that “get you” and understand just what it is you’re trying to get out of the game of baseball at whatever age you're at. Be it just wanting to “play for the fun of it”, or striving to take it to a whole other level.

Start right there. Whether with coaches, professional instructors, or within your own family structure in talking to your child and/or parents on playing this great game.

Once that’s out of the way, we believe we’ve surrounded ourselves with some great organizations and individuals to help you achieve YOUR GOALS no matter how simple or lofty they may be. We'd be happy to help connect you with any of them in moving forward or you can simply connect from our "Affiliated Partners" tab on the Home Page.

They can offer financial support or simply knowledge of opportunities from The Dugout Club, professional training by The BallYard and Jack Thompson of 5TOOL BASEBALL, all the way to be being able to use those tools in actually playing the game. Be it with any of the numerous organizations that we’ve partnered ourselves with such as Richmond Little League, ND Blue Jays (for Bantam Prep) and Douglas College Baseball, to any of the other numerous choices out there for you to chose from.

Thanks for dropping by to see just what I believe it takes to “Play Better Baseball”.
Hopefully we'll play a small part in helping you get there in the not to distant future!

Serj Sangara
Richmond Baseball