"Confidence Breeds Excellence"


The 2019 Baseball Season is upon us and tons of kids are "trying out" for all levels of baseball and to find their spot amongst their peers. Invariably, countless numbers of them will likely fall short of their hoped for results.

That's where I can say with every confidence, that "The Team" we've put together to work with ball players of ALL ages, can truly make a difference for you, for years to come.

Click on any of the links below, knowing that every one of the team members are going to work together to give you the opportunity to "Be Better"!!!


"The Team"

1. Richmond Little League

2. Jack Thompson at Five Tool Baseball

3. The BallYard

4. The Dugout Club

5. Richmond Baseball

6. KidSports Richmond


For those interested in both having a great experience playing games, while having an opportunity of learning from one of the best professional Instructors in the Lower Mainland, we hope to hear from you as soon as you realize what's "in YOUR best interest"!!

If you've got any questions as to just why you WOULDN'T want to take advantage of this development opportunity being put forth by all those involved in these programs, you can contact "Serj" at 604.250.3432 or

Serj Sangara
Richmond Baseball
Acting President Richmond Little League

NOTE: Those registering in BOTH the Richmond Little League and TDC-5Tool "Just Play Ball" programs will receive a four month(April-July) Sports Central "Field Pass" at 50% off courtesy of The Dugout Club.