"Why should baseball players in Richmond consider Richmond Little League at this time?"

Great question!!!

  • The biggest reason heading into 2022, is the belief by many that in order to keep U13 players in the game, those players should be playing by rules and field dimensions that are suited to their skill development as opposed to their age or league affiliation. There's also the belief that by doing this, more players will have the opportunity to try out key positions of the sport - like pitching, catching, infield play - than if put onto diamonds they have no chance of success at. That's a reason for many of the players coming into the game for the first time or for those who perhaps could be "late bloomers" in growing or grasping the game.
  • Little or no travel. RLL will once again strive to play MOST of their Spring games at either King George Park or Gibbons Field depending on if playing D1 teams (Westside of Vancouver) or D6 Teams (East SIde Of Vancouver and New West) ….. This will be ideal for those athletes that want to play both Baseball and Soccer/Hockey and yet try out another sport as is being highly recommended by almost all sports experts out there on a regular basis….Should enough players schedule allow, we'd then prepare a team for SUMMER ALL-STARS and take a run at going to the LL Provincials under Richmond’s Little League Charter…NOTE: If Richmond didn’t have enough players for their own summer team, we've gotten permission to amalgamate with MAX TWO other associations in District 6 in order to field a team for the Districts providing players have played 60% of scheduled games.. (8 out of 12?).
  • Opportunity to work with many of Richmond Baseball's Affiliated Partners in trying to improve their skills or enhance their experience.(
  • For now, perhaps an easier route to BASEBALL BC’s Provincials each year.. Coincidently, the U13AA Provincials are being held in Richmond this year with the U13AAA Provincials possibly also being considered.
  • Low registration numbers will be targeted each season so kids will get a better chance to develop their skills at the game. Which translates into having “more fun”…. Which translates into them wanting to play season after season... My philosophy is NOT to celebrate how many kids you sign up at 6 years old, BUT how many are still playing into "Adulthood".... We believe we can change the current numbers on that for "Baseball in Richmond", by a considerable number given the opportunity to prove it.
  • Better chance to develop pitching, catching and hitting skills without any “stealing” concerns…i.e. Arguably, Little League has proven to give pitchers a better chance to develop their skills without having to worry about “holding runners” that nobody is going to throw out anyway…..Same applies to developing catchers at the LL level vs those playing at U13A (or even AA) on a larger field where coaches tend to say "Don't throw" as the runner has already reached 2nd base... LL rules state the runner doesn't leave until the pitch crosses the plate which usually results in at least a throw down to 2nd....At least that's been my observation after being involved in PeeWee baseball for many years and then switching over to LL play in 2018.


    "What are all the things RCBA will tell us in order to NOT play RLL?"

    Truth be told heading into 2022, I don't think they will if they believe it's the best thing for the development and retention of baseball participants in the sport overall. In years past, they had just put newer or weaker players on to these "Development Teams" that didn't really play anyone - other than themselves or mixed in with Single A players at time. There was really no opportunities for tournament play or perhaps being involved in an All-Star Team in the summer.
    It's something we're working on with RCBA in the coming year to see how it works out subject to approval of the baseball participants and their families.

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