"Why should baseball players in Richmond consider Richmond Little League at this time?"

Great question!!!

But there’s so many compelling answers to that, that I’m probably better to just list in bullet form, then if you have any further questions, let me know and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ablility….In a nutshell though, “BETTER TRAINING…BETTER FACILITIES (both current and future) and BETTER OPPORTUNITIES”....Check out the details and opportunities below to see if RLL is really worth looking into further.

  • Lower costs for Spring Season.......AND that applies even if you register late!!..... (Like TODAY!!!....:o)
  • Those players registering with RLL for the 2018 Season, will have the opportunity to get a MONTHLY FIELD PASS from our "Partner Facility" - The BallYard - in order to work on their skills during the season... Cost would be $17.50 / month with Richmond Baseball picking up the balance for the opportunity.
  • Little or no travel. RLL will once again strive to play MOST of their Spring games at their King George Park home diamond….. This will be ideal for those athletes that want to play both Baseball and Soccer/Hockey and yet try out another sport as is being highly recommended by almost all sports experts out there on a regular basis….Should enough players schedule allow, we'd then prepare a team for SUMMER ALL-STARS and take a run at going to the LL Provincials under Richmond’s Little League Charter…NOTE: If Richmond didn’t have enough players for their own summer team, we've gotten permission to amalgamate with MAX TWO other associations in District 6 in order to field a team for the Districts providing players have played 60% of scheduled games.. (8 out of 12?)... I've never enjoyed anything more, than going into a tournament as "a heavy underdog"!!!
  • Opportunity to work with one of the Lower Mainland’s best Baseball Instructors on a regular basis. (Jack Thompson of
  • 5 Tool Baseball has been retained as RLL’s Coaching and Development mentor).
  • Direct access to BASEBALL BC’s Provincials each year. The 2018 Provincials will once again be held in Abbotsford, B.C. from Aug. 8th - 11th....If YOU know of anyone out there thinks they have what it takes - to crack the "D6 SELECTS" line-up - you should let them know about this opportunity asap... Seriously.
  • Richmond Baseball, TDC and Richmond Little League have an 'Agreement In Principal" to bring a PBL Bantam Prep team into Richmond for the 2019 Season. This effort is very much in the process with a "Head Coach" already in place should the players and park time be confirmed in early Sept / 2018... The hope is for us to develop a MAX of 48 - 64 players each year in the 6 - 8 year old age group, and then build from there to where numerous players are capable of playing at the Bantam Prep level...More on this in the coming months!!
  • ower registration numbers are targeted for each of the coming seasons so kids will get a better chance to develop their skills at the game. Which translates into having “more fun”…. Which translates into them wanting to play season after season... My philosophy is NOT to celebrate how many kids you sign up at 6 years old, BUT how many are still playing into "Adulthood".... We believe we can change the current numbers on that for "Baseball in Richmond", by a considerable number given the opportunity to prove it.
  • Better chance to develop pitching, catching and hitting skills without any “stealing” concerns…i.e. Little League has proven to give pitchers a better chance to develop their skills without having to worry about “holding runners” that nobody is going to throw out anyway…..Proved last year during District 6 Provincials, that this is a skill – that’s at least needed at this level – that can be coached in a weekend.
  • Full access to KidSport funding if needed.


"What are all the things RCBA will tell us in order to NOT play RLL?"

Do you mean “real reasons” or the way they view things to be?...:o)....I’ll try my best to address both, and as time goes by, I’ll update the list.

But let’s start with their post copied below.

  • The belief that only they specialize in “LTAD”, I’ve already addressed that above…If “Long Term Athlete Development” means going from 500+ kids to about 20-25 at the end of the day, I think something should be seriously reviewed there..Just saying!!
  • We get to play “blah, blah, blah” and LL "is finished by May".... Just take a look at any of the seriously developed LL programs, and some of them, like White Rock’s 2017 Canadian Championship team, probably played more games than all the RCBA Pee Wee teams combined…. I think what the real message is, is that “You can drive for hours as a Pee Wee house player mid week and get your #$&$ kicked….OR you can stay at home and play against a multitude of teams willing to come to your park” and then gear up to take a run at a few "memorable events" mentioned above.…. At least that’s the way I read it.
  • If who ever wrote the post, believes that the LL season “essentially ends at the end of MAY”, then he’s either trying to continue to mislead readers with his misinformation, OR he’s never had an opportunity to watch the LL World Series….The real thing you need to do with that, is ask yourself why the ENTIRE VANCOUVER WESTSIDE is LITTLE LEAGUE?… Those folks aren’t “stupid” are they??.....Or MAYBE they just haven’t had a chance to read the RCBA post yet and then all entirely move over to BC Minor Baseball?

Hopefully that addresses most of the post below…Let’s move on to some others.

  • There’s a concern out there by better players, that “If you go and play for them, you might not be able to come back and play for RCBA”….. So ask yourself, IF you are a better player, is that where you’re actually going to go hope and play??...Or are you going to do like MOST of the better players, and try to get on somewhere else before resorting to playing for RCBA….By the time you reach 13 – 18, IF you’re any good at all, they’re going to take you…Trust me on that….Or better yet, take a look at their current rosters that make up the older groups and then decide for yourself.

It's the very reason we're making every effort to bring a PBL Bantam Prep team into Richmond for the 2019 season... So those kids don't need to commute to White Rock, UBC, etc.


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