Richmond Baseball is a self funded Society that will spend most of it’s time raising AWARENESS of it’s current projects in the years ahead.

That said, if any teams or individuals require assistance within your own organization, please feel free to let us know in the event either ourselves or our Affiliated Partners can be of help.

New in 2022, to meet the needs of those wanting to participate in the game in any capacity, we established the Rishi and Serj Sangara Family Foundation as our way of giving "THANKS" to the baseball communities that have enriched our lives over the years.

Full disclosure, it was largely funded by the sale of our TOSCANA CONDO UNITS in 2021. It only seemed right to do so given it was our love for baseball and AZ Spring Training that had us come across the development in the first place along with the great people that have helped us manage it over the years. (That would be YOU, Karen Creel!). While we'll look to build on the foundation in the future, the real purpose of this post it to let others know that we're open to help wherever we can, be it for individuals aspiring to learn how to play, umpire or become volunteers in the game for the first time or otherwise.

As Super Bowl Poolster Nathan S. said recently, ""IT'S BETTER TO BUILD CHILDREN THAN TO REPAIR ADULTS".....and it's towards that, we begin to move our focus into the years ahead.


Follow us…?