• Return an actual YOUTH BASEBALL DIAMOND to the East Side of Richmond. Ideally one with, at min, an AT Infield similar to what is being built in many sectors around the Lower Mainland and Pacific Northwest. Most recent one is probably at Hillcrest Park in Vancouver. Just feel this could advance the game so much more for those that are taken to playing it. (NOTE: RICHMOND BASEBALL has committed to underwrite the first $100,000 to put this effort into reality).
  • Help establish a healthy Little League program playing out of Richmond’s East side. While this effort began in 2017, much work yet has to be done in order to “build a compelling story” for the City of Richmond. It’s probably only then – and even that remains a long shot – that we can work towards an AT field in that location.
  • Bring a PBL BANTAM PREP TEAM - to be known as the RICHMOND BLUE JAYS - into Richmond. As of April 9th/2018, TDC, RICHMOND BASEBALL and RICHMOND LITTLE LEAGUE have worked out an "Agreement In Principal" to affiliate ourselves with the North Delta Blue Jays. All of Richmond is within the PBL team's catchment area and is not shared with any other teams. The hope is to have the majority of the players developed in Richmond, but that said, the team would also be able to draw from numerous other "shared areas" in order to strengthen it's team. Please stay abreast of this development as we hope to begin play in the FALL of 2018.
  • Have Richmond represent B.C. at (at least) the LL Provincials one year, and then moving along to the Canadian LL Championships enroute to the Little League Worlds Series… Many will “scoff” at the premise of this. But, of course, that’s why I’ve put in on the “Goal” list…. As stated recently, “You never know how good you can be, until you fail”.

Because almost everyone has a view and an opinion on many of the current efforts above, I’ve created a Project Questions tab under the FAQ… Check back there from time to time for updates on our current progresses…..or regressions.

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