W.A.T.S. UP!?

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"If Richmond Bantam aged players had an opportunity to play at the highest and most competitive level of Bantam baseball - right here in Richmond - is that a good thing or not"?

That's a question that a few folks may be asking in the months ahead, now that the ND Blue Jays have partnered with Richmond Baseball, The Dugout Club and Richmond Little League in order to bring that possibility to fruition.

While a Head Coach has already been named - Richmond resident Luke Yam who presently coaches the Westcoast Cardinals of B.C. Minor's Bantam AAA Div - the next step is to ensure a local bantam diamond is made available for both practices and/or games.

As there are many positive reasons in making sure that takes place - such as helping grow the local LL program on the East side of Richmond, giving graduating 12 year olds a place to play at the highest level without having to go to White Rock, UBC, etc, - but it may also potentially give the more recreational players an opportunity to play as 13 and 14 year olds in the event that's no longer being offered in the City. (As rumoured but not substantiated at the time of this post).

The way we envision it could all come about, is by the Bantam Prep team - to be known as the "RICHMOND BLUE JAYS" - to practice at King George Park and utilize the equipment provided by The Dugout Club, Richmond Baseball and Richmond Little League. In return, the Bantam Prep Blue Jays would help with field maintenance, umpiring help and just basically provide a vision for the younger kids in that area to aspire to. Their league games would be played at either Brighouse Park (by going back to two sets of bases and mound distances) or by sharing the North Diamond and batting cages at Blundell. NOTE: "Back in the day", Richmond Baseball used to have as many as 8 Bantam teams and 4 Midget teams share TWO diamonds for regular season play. Adding this one Bantam Prep team would be far from a stretch - current "Baseball Politics" aside.

Please stay tuned, and if you have any questions or interest in the Bantam Prep development, you can contact North Delta Blue Jays General Manager, Gerry White, at 778 - 231 - 1596 or gwhite@mtimott.com

What a great time to be involved in "RICHMOND BASEBALL"!!


“Why the HECK are you building your own website”?, they asked!!......“Because I wanted to”??? (Is what I keep wanting to say!!).

But the truth is, with my inability to “just retire already” or bring myself to move onto other things unrelated to a game I really love, it became painfully clear to me that I needed to find a better and more efficient way to communicate not only things I had going on in my current baseball world, but in the other entities described under the “Affiliated Partners” section.

In one way or another, they all became intertwined eventually. Be it through Richmond Baseball trying to reach it’s own goals, or any of the affiliated partners helping others try to reach theirs.

So hopefully, until I reach the day that I decide to pack it in – or run away to scared of failure or derision - you’ll drop in from time to time to see the “W.A.T.S”

Thanks for your interest in “Richmond Baseball”!!


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